How the Arabella booklet was created

Exclusive reading material for loyal guests

‘Good things take time,’ said junior boss Christoph and his designer friend and photographer Dominic, as they have been dancing around the idea for a new Arabella booklet for almost two years. Many wondered if they would ever see it... But it wasn't that simple. The exclusive little thank you for our guests should be of high-quality, designed and written with care, and should be nothing less than the embodiment of that Arabella feeling on paper. For many days and nights, there were eager discussions and designs… drafts were deleted and started anew. At the beginning of 2018, Dominic and Christoph finally created a convincing layout, to which the “copy writers" Eva and Hansjörg gave the linguistic fine-tuning, and all of a sudden the stars aligned.

Since they had already invested so much time, a trip by Dominic and Christoph to our Arabella printing plant in South Tyrol, with Christoph’s old school friend Matthias, was of course also planned. This site visit included a guided tour of the print shop and a good South Tyrolean ‘Marend’ snack with wine in the office for special customers, of course. Matthias and Dominic complained aloud about the never-ending special requests from Arabella. With this customer, they mused, things are never boring! The visit was followed by a long wait, which was of course attributed to South Tyrol’s Italian influence. But then Matthias surprised us on a weekend trip with a few hot-off-the-press copies! What a feeling it was to hold the first booklet in our hands!

Every single working hour was worth it because it is simply a joy to show our guests and friends our region and Arabella from a slightly different perspective. Be it for the summer newspaper or Arabella magazine, we invest a lot of time, patience and joy in these projects. Such projects are all the more beautiful, thanks to a long-standing partnerships and cooperation and such great friendships, such as those with Dominic and Matthias. These days, we hold our marketing meetings during a ski day on the Stieralm. And we are looking forward to future projects with Eva and Hansjörg, who had the chance to experience Arabella "up close" with their kids during a winter holiday.

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