Snow Depot Bergkastel

Where this precious white resource hibernates in summer

It's the height of summer in Nauders and a huge white pile shines brightly on the Bergkastel mountain - "What's hidden underneath?" many guests ask. The answer is less and less surprising in times of unpredictable winters: At the end of the winter season, the Nauderer Bergbahnen build a snow depot at the top of the Zirmhang, covered with fleece and insulated in such a way that it will survive the summer.

Around 25,000 cubic metres of snow are pushed together by the ski slope staff, only about 20 percent of which will shrink by the start of the next season, depending on the weather. The "snow of yesterday" then ensures the basic preparation of some pistes and enables the Nauders ski resort to reliably open the slopes in mid-December. This snowfarming also corresponds to the idea of sustainability, which is omnipresent in Nauders. After all, if the snow does not have to be produced first, but only distributed, this saves valuable resources.

Aparthotel Arabella Nauders - Skigebiet Nauders

Modern slope preparation equipment is then used, which measures the snow depths on the slopes with centimetre accuracy thanks to GPS systems. In this way, the existing snow is distributed efficiently and at low cost and only ‘resnowed’ as required. Less water and energy consumption is not only good for the environment, but also for the finances of the cable car companies. Meanwhile, guests can enjoy a snow-secure skiing holiday with a clear conscience. The Nauders snow depot is a win-win-win situation!

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