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I Am.

So free.


Being close to yourself, your family, and nature. Feeling the real and honest again, experiencing small adventures and big feelings. Immersing in a safe idyll, relaxing, and feeling free, open, and happy together in a casual-private atmosphere – that’s our Arabella feeling.

Arabella-Familie, Arabella Retreat & Spa Nauders Arabella-Familie, Arabella Retreat & Spa Nauders

Our Employees


What would Arabella be without the people who give their all in front and behind the scenes? We place great value on treating our employees excellently and maintaining their work-life balance. Adequate free time and ideally a free Sunday are just as natural for us as an attractive and fair salary.

We promote a work environment where quality outweighs quantity and value efficiency and joy at work. Friendliness and positive energy are fundamental values for us. We are also always there for our team and gladly support them in solving problems to strengthen the bond together.

Ausblick, Arabella Retreat & Spa in Nauders Ausblick, Arabella Retreat & Spa in Nauders

Our Architecture


Since 2010, we have trusted our neighbor and his team for our architecture. This long-term partnership is characterized by mutual appreciation and great trust. Stefan and Markus are integrated into all areas and develop innovative concepts with us. We firmly believe that long-term partnerships bear fruit and make up the special Arabella feeling.

Our architecture is characterized by reduction and durability. We combine tradition with modernity and set the highest quality standards. We are always ready to invest a bit more to raise the comfort for our guests to the highest level.

Wandern, Arabella Retreat & Spa in Nauders Wandern, Arabella Retreat & Spa in Nauders

Our Values


We meet people warmly, naturally, and sincerely. Everyone can be who they really are and exchange on an equal footing. Through reliable presence, open ears, and empathetic preservation of privacy, we convey security and safety. Very important to us is the feeling of freedom and joy. At Arabella, you can open up without reservations, feel valued, and included as an individual. This mindfulness shapes an atmosphere in which serenity and calmness resonate. With us, you can take life lightly and really relax!

Bäckerei Besuch, Arabella Retreat & Spa in Nauders Bäckerei Besuch, Arabella Retreat & Spa in Nauders

Our Regional Partners


Long-term partnerships accompany us on the road to success. We consciously focus on regional products and companies to make a difference in the region together. Respect, trust, and sustainability play a central role. Through close cooperation with our craftsmen, suppliers, and creative partners, we not only promote the local economy but also contribute to strengthening our community and advancing sustainable developments.

Family first. That could sum up our philosophy. But it doesn’t just mean the closest circle. Our Arabella family includes guests, employees, partners, and suppliers. Only when everyone is happy are we happy too.


Auf der Alm, Arabella Retreat & Spa in Nauders


Read about the thoughts that guided us in founding Arabella. And how we keep realizing the idea of a special holiday home again and again. For us, the love of tradition and the passion for innovation are not opposites but perfect complements. Josef and Monika have successfully passed on this vision. Since 2016, “Digital Native” Christoph has been bringing fresh air into the business, and since 2023, his Maria Teresa has been enchanting guests with her cheerful manner. We always like to tell these and other stories.

Familie Moritz, Arabella Retreat & Spa Nauders
Wandern, Arabella Retreat & Spa in Nauders
Wandern, Arabella Retreat & Spa in Nauders
Almabtrieb, Arabella Retreat & Spa in Nauders

Combining the modern with the traditional. The courageous with the mindful. The regional with the cosmopolitan. The generations. The stages of life. The family. Since 1978, Arabella has connected what belongs together.



Would you like to see our philosophy in pictures? Then join us for a tour through the hotel and its areas. Everywhere, cozy rooms with natural materials await, lovingly selected by the Moritz family and expertly executed by our partners. Noble fabrics, wood, glass, and light create an ambiance that reconnects body and soul. And awakens the spirits for new adventures waiting just around the corner.